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We will reveal all the wonders of Vanuatu Tamanu Oil based on a true testimonial. Inside, we reveal the before and after effects. We are also encouraging people to submit a 100% honest testimonial as featured below. 
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What People Are Saying About Vanuatu Tamanu Oil...

Linda P. 


This product was recommended by one of my fave YouTuber and she suggested to use tamanu oil to help fade acne scars. I've been using it consistently for a month now and I’m noticing a significant difference with the acne scars fading. It does have a weird maple syrup scent but I apply the oil at night before bed so it doesn't really bother me. I love how it makes my skin feel super soft the next day! Definitely recommend if you're looking for a product to fade your acne scars.


Amazing oil for psoriasis. Will buy again.

First, the owner, Carlos, sent an email with some tips on using the oil and I found that to be so amazing. Like. He took the time to make sure customers knew what they were doing. Second, I used this on my ears as they have psoriasis and after three days, the plaques are gone and they aren't as itchy. What is this sorcery?? I'll definitely be buying again. The only thing that could improve the product is adding a dropper to it. It is difficult to apply to the psoriasis on my scalp as I have a lot of hair.


Seeing is believing

I have been bothered with scalp conditions FOR YEARS. I've tried a lot of products but they only pacified my problem. But THIS this right here totally changed everything. My problem is completely gone. No more flakes, no dandruff or flaky red skin or irritation. Completely gone and I NEVER write reviews on stuff like this but they have a faithful consumer for life. I can wash and relax my hair and my scalp is no longer inflamed nor does it blister. Thank you for whoever figured this out.


Amazing how fast this works

This oil is slowly improving my sons psoriasis. It hasn’t been the miracle oil that some other reviews describe but it works better than anything else we have tried. I started adding a drop of vanuatu tamanu oil to each squirt and that’s when I really started seeing improvement. He’s been fighting this for 5 yrs and the only other thing that worked was full of toxins and I didn’t feel good about putting it in him. I love that this is safe for his young body.

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